May 17, 2018





So I have this two year old who's super crazy. He's been that way since before he turned one. Definitely has been giving me a run for my money. For his first Birthday I picked a theme that went with his personality....."Wild One" with a twist of "Where the Wild Things Are". Absolutely nailed it.

But he's still wild, guys. Not that I thought he'd grow out of it at the age of 2 (wishful thinking) but I certainly thought I was fully immune to wildness he had grown into at that point. Boy was I wrong. He just grew more wild and more rambunctious then both of my other two boys put together. At this point I was like, "well great, I already used the perfect thing for him so what now??", cuz let's face it, guys.....what could be more wild than the "wild things" themselves. So after much thinking and much mind changing and much pinning, I decided to go with the Lumberjack theme. Why you may ask? Well because lumberjacks work in the wild and they tear things down. Both very much indeed my 1 1/2 (going on 4 years old) son. So here's my party and all its glory. Enjoy.




My absolute favorite table. I like to put a lot of attention on this area because well it's food. It's what makes the party. It's like they say, "The food table is the heart of the party." Or something like that. Regardless, to's important. I stuck with BBQ food since it was an outdoorsy theme. Pulled BBQ pork sliders, Chili Beans, Potato Salad, Mac Salad, etc........the photos will speak for themselves.




You can't have a food table without a dessert table. You can't have a dessert table without a cake. And you can't just have a regular cake these days. It has to be awesome. So here's awesome for you.



The decor really starts with the invite. The invite sets the tone for the entire theme. One of the reasons I got into design was because I was tired of the same ole party designs out there. I LOVE being able to create every aspect of my themes and incorporate personalized touches to it. I don't always like using the same pattern in every element or the same design on every cup or plate. I like variations and mix matching. It gives it a unique touch to each event. Here's what I did with my decor.





For activities, I created my own little photo booth area with photo props, frames and all the good stuff.  I also created a super simple target that I used for a "Pin the Axe on the Target" games.  Kids got a kick out of it.  For the treat bags I put together a little activity book for the older kids to play around with while at the party.  It contained color pages, word search, mad libs and other fun stuff to do.  I came across this super cool site that allowed me to generate my own word search, word scramble and maze.  Made creating this little book an easy job and acted as a handy party favor, as well.

Two birds, One stone.




As I mentioned before, the activity books acted as party favors in the treat bags as well as something for the kids to do at the party.  I threw in some candy and rugged brown bags and waalaa, treat bags magically appeared.....amazing!  For the adults, I made little favor sacks with trail mix and printed out little round thank you tags.  Again, an easy solution to a big asset to every party.  You should never let a guest leave your party without some sort of thank you or parting gift.  They came all that way to share the day with you and your little, it's the least you can do.